Art by Calvin Sechrest

The old adage…."you should paint what you know or are familiar with" is very fitting for the Oklahoma City artist Cal Sechrest. Cal’s art is in reality a summary of his life. He was born and raised in a small rural farming and oil community in southern Illinois similar to the rural areas surrounding his home in Oklahoma City. Where he was born and raised, his professional career, military service, childhood experiences and travels have all inspired the subjects he has used in his paintings.......

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Pencil Art by Scott Sechrest

I began drawing in May of 1999. At first it was just simple sketches once in a blue moon to cure boredom, but later became a hobby. It wasn't until May 2000 that I became interested in it enough to really strive to improve my skills. I consider this period to be the "beginning" of my pencil drawing journey.

This simple web page is meant to display my work and document my development as a pencil artist, and more recently a painter......

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